Our Services

Our Services
  • Outsourced unskilled and semi-skilled workers
We provide warehouse and industrial temporary workers who specialize in picking, packing, loading, unloading, forklift operations, machine minders, assembly workers, production staff, semi-skilled technicians, data input clerks as well as those who have experience in food handling and product quality control.
  • In-house recruitment services for projects
In-house Services is a unique solution for managing an efficient contingent workforce for which there is a fluctuating level of demand. It is aimed at improving clients’ labor flexibility, productivity and efficiency. We work on-site exclusively for one client, providing a large number of workers. We frequently work with the client to determine specific performance criteria and provide total HR management, including recruitment & selection, training, planning, retention, and management reporting.
  • Training
We provide various training seminars and classes to provide upgrade opportunities for our workers as well as other semi and unskilled persons. We also provide training workshops to organizations for their employees during or before employment and facilitate their injection into employment circles.

Training Course Now Available:
  • Basic Computer and Data Entry Skills
  • Warehouse Equipment Operations
  • Industrial Health and Safety
  • Food Safety and Handling
  • Personal Finance Training
  • First Aid Skills
  • Communication and Etiquette Skills